Terms & Conditions

By using the agrinet.ie website you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement laid out in this document.

The Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statement may change as time passes. Please revisit this web page at a later date to re-check.

If you have any concerns about the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Statement please contact Irish Farm Computers Ltd (trading as Agrinet), 4 Church Street, Kells, Co Meath support@agrinet.ie 046-9249964

The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement detailed here relate to the agrinet.ie website and not to any third party website that links from the agrinet.ie website.

The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement relate to the online software that is available from the agrinet.ie website once you fill in the “Sign up” form and then “Login“ using your username and password.

Agrinet.ie Terms and Conditions
  1. Irish Farm Computers Ltd, (IFC), trading as Agrinet, periodically enhance the online software to improve the benefits to clients. The software may change at any time as it is improved..

  2. IFC test the site for accuracy of data entry and data reports. If you notice a defect in the software or feel that any input screen or report needs to be changed or improved, let us know immediately and we will consider the issue and make changes if appropriate.

  3. Every farmer/user undertakes to be responsible to check that their data is being recorded correctly and reported correctly. IFC will bear no responsibility for wrong decisions being made based on incorrect data being recorded or presented in reports.

  4. If a farmer decides to stop paying an annual fee for access to the agrinet.ie online software, the farmer and their advisor will still be able to access all the data for a period of at least one year. New data cannot be entered in this situation.

  5. The agrinet.ie software is located on a web server and there is a small chance that this server will be unavailable due to technical reasons. In this case IFC will endeavour to get the server back online as quickly as possible once we are aware that the service has been affected.

  6. Every user of the website is entitled to ask IFC for a copy of all data that they have entered in to agrinet.ie website in the event that they want to stop using the website.

  7. Every user of the website is entitled to ask IFC to delete all of their records from the agrinet.ie website in the event that they want to stop using the website.

  8. IFC use SSL technology to protect the data on the web server. IFC also have a rigorous backup procedure in place to keep backups of all data on the website. In the very rare event that these security and backup procedures fail to prevent loss of data, IFC cannot be responsible for this data loss.

Agrinet.ie Privacy Statement
  1. Data is stored on the agrinet.ie central database for the purpose of helping farmers make better management decisions.

  2. Farmers can send invitations to other farmers and/or farm advisors so that they can share farm management data over the internet. Once the other party accepts this invitation both parties can see their respective data. The objective is to mimic the farm discussion group format where farmers share data so they can make better management decisions collectively and learn from each other. No one can create these links other than the farmers themselves.

  3. No one can break the link between two parties other than one of the two parties themselves.

  4. No organisation, company and/or individual can access a farmer’s data without using the invitation process outlined in points 2 and 3 above.

  5. If you would like someone to log in to access your farm, please create a ‘Guest’ password in ‘Security & Privacy’. Only give this guest password (plus your username) to this 3rd party. Never give your username and main password to anyone. When someone logs in using your username and guest password, they cannot see data for your online discussion group colleagues, but they can see, and modify, all data for your farm.

  6. Data can be downloaded electronically from agrinet.ie screens for importing to spreadsheets. This may be used for example by farm advisors or farmers who wish to do further processing or formatting of the data. It is the responsibility of the person downloading this data to use this data only for the purpose it was entered and only in the best interests of the farmers who own the data.

  7. Irish Farm Computers Ltd (Agrinet) staff can access data for any farmer at any time, at the farmers request, so that we can help provide a better service to our Client. For example by loading maps for this farm. We can also add, edit or delete data as required to help the farm use the software more efficiently.

  8. Agrinet may use grass growth and grass covers to present AVERAGE grass data for regions and country. This data can then be used by yourself or other farmers in this region to monitor average grass conditions